It's not all straight forward


I won’t lie this year has been extremely hard for me work wise. From being let go from my job at the start of the year which resulted in me being unemployed for four months, (during that time working on freelance stuff), to trying every day to make photography my full-time career.

I’ve always for some reason found myself in very odd jobs and I’ve never really been that lucky when it comes to finding one that suits me for the now. I know it is all part of the process and that all of these little random career opportunities will hopefully lead me to that perfect place I so desperately want to be in. But some part of me can’t help but feel a little lost and if I’m honest I have done for the 2 years now.

The option to work freelance is one that so many people seek nowadays and it’s not an easy one. It takes dedication, hard work and constant emailing. Two years of doing this have begun taking it’s toll on me a little, and if I’m honest I am sorta losing that little bit of steam; because of the very little jobs, I have been getting. It’s not easy and anyone that tells you it is, well they are properly just lucky.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to be my own boss, to be successful and be that one in the family who reaches new heights. And I know I will always have this pressure on myself because that is just the way I am built.

This isn’t me saying goodbye to photography or anything to do with media. I’m just beginning to go away and look at it in a different light. I have always loved fashion so maybe a career down that way could work? I want to start embracing being 22 and essentially being able to do whatever the hell I want when it comes to work.

Currently, I am working in a VR company running social media accounts for them three days a week and the other days I fill with any photography work I can grab and writing up my master’s dissertation. This seems to be working out well, which is positive. But my contract with this brand is only until September so the rush to find another job is beginning to come upon me.

I really don’t think I’m alone when it comes to feeling lost after graduating or just in general career-wise. As young adults in this 21st-century world, we have so many options which makes it even harder when choosing a career path. I’ve actually learned from writing this entry that I should maybe take my own advice and chill the F out because everything will work out…..hopefully!